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Emergency eye baths and face wash

Stainless Steel Eye Showers (Premium Line)

The Premium Line range of safety showers use polished stainless steel as the main material of construction for both the shower head and hoses/pipework. This makes them not only highly robust and corrosion resistant bit also hygienic. As a result these showers are suitable for clean room and highly corrosive environments.

The showers come with the same vast array of mounting and shower head options as the Classic Line range of standard eye showers. Furthermore the free standing shower part of the Premium Line range comes with the option of a covered bowl / eye wash unit. Covers can be important in environments where the face/wash may become impeded with airborne dust or falling debris.  

Stainless Steel Double Headed Eye ShowerPremium Line Hand Held Eye Showers 

Hand held showers come with various mounting and shower head options they all come with 1.5 meter stainless steel hose allowing the shower head to be directed manually.  

DVGW LogoWater inlet:1/2" female
Height: 180 -260 mm 
Hose length: 1500 mm
Shower head options: single or double, straight or 45o 
Mounting options: wall or table, straight or angled.

Eye BathsA selection of shower head and mounting options

     Wall Mounted Hand Held Stainless Steel Eye Shower      Table Mounted Single Hand Held Eye Shower         Double Straight Table Mounted Eye Showers            Double Eye Shower Hand Held Table Mounted
Single, Straight     Single, Straight        Double,Angled                  Double, Straight
Wall mounted       Table Mounted      Wall Mounted (angle)        Table Mounted (angled)     

Fixed Eye Shower / Face WashPremium Line Fixed Eye Showers 

Fixed eye covered eye shower / face bath units.

Water inlet: 3/8" male
Water outlet: 1 1/4" male 
Dimensions: (H x W x D) 245 x 365 x 305 mm
Options: Cover 

Eye BathsA selection of mounting options

Premium Fixed Eye Wash unit with cover   Premium Fixed Eye Wash Without Cover
     With Cover                          Without cover                       

Premium Frees Standing eye bathPremium Line Free Standing Eye Showers 

These free standing showers can be positioned anywhere a water supply can be delivered. They have the option of a foot lever activation.

Water inlet: 1 1/4" female
Water outlet: 1 1/4" male
Total width including lever: 445 mm
Total Height: 1160 mm
Options: Cover or no cover, hand or foot lever activation
Eye Baths