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Frost protection is a vital feature of any shower that may be at risk of freezing. Both the ANSI and EN standards stipulate that adequate safeguards to ensure showers will work in freezing conditions must be taken. In practice this means that any shower in the UK used outdoors must be frost protected and, potentially, some indoors showers in cold warehouses might also need it. The correct mind set, from health and safety perspective, should be: If a shower does not work due to it being frozen then the company is open to litigation in the same way as if no shower were present at all. A non-functioning shower, for whatever reason, is the same as having no shower.

How frost protection works

The shower pipes are trace tape heated to ensure the water in them remains above freezing point at all times. The trace tape is controlled via a thermostat to ensure it is only heating when needed. Of vital importance is the quality of the encasing insulation.


We offer three main product lines each of which can be customised to meet any health and safety policy.

Wall mounted      Free Standing       Eye Wash

The SSP quality difference

We pride ourselves on providing the very best quality showers on the market. When compare to some of our competitors our frost protected showers are superior for the following reasons

  • 1-The outer casing is stainless steel rather than plastic. A damaged or worn outer casing will lead to a reduction in the quality of insulation or potentially leaking of insulator material over time. This can mean the trace-tape heating needs to work harder and so is more likely to fail.  Our sturdy stainless steel outer casing is tougher and longer lasting than cheaper plastic casing.
  • 2-Superior insulation. Some competitor products use cheap polystyrene insulating material to keep costs down. SSP uses Polyurethane insulation. This is the most efficient man made insulating material in the world. It is also far more resistant to moisture. This means that the trace tape heating needs to work less and so the risk of failure is lower.
  • 3-Double trace tape heating. The amount of trace tape heating in our showers is well over that which would be required to maintain above freezing temperatures. This builds in a level of redundancy to our frost protected showers meaning they are less likely fail than many competitor models who use sufficient rather and over sufficient trace tape heating.