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frost protected showers inner

Free Standing Frost Protected Eye Wash

A frost protected eye wash unit suitable for use in temperatures below freezing. This eye wash unit is activated by pulling down the protective cover this automatically starts the two eye wash jets. The spray pattern conforms to both the ANSI and EN standards governing emergency eye wash equipment.

The unit is kept above freezing by the use of doubly redundant trace tape heating. This is surrounded by a polyethylene insulated jacket which in turn is housed in a tough stainless steel outer casing. The use of stainless steel, rather than plastic outer casing means the SSP shower is longer lasting and more resilient than most models on the market.

Key Features

All Stainless Design

The shower pipe, casing, fittings and valves are all made from high quality, durable stainless steel. This means our showers last longer than many competitor products who use cheaper plastics. This is particularly true when they are situated outdoors and exposed to the elements.

Redundant Trace Tape

The frost protection trace tape used in our showers is “over speced”. This means that the tape does not have to work hard to maintain frost protection even in very cold conditions.   

High Quality Insulation 

We use high quality polyethylene insulation as opposed to cheaper EPS. Polyethylene has one of the highest R ratings of any insulation meaning that the heating element needs to do less work, reducing running costs and trace tape life.

Meets EN and ANSI Standards

Our tank showers are build to meet and exceed both the EN15154-1 and ANSI Z358.1 standards.