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Emergency eye baths and face wash

Eye Baths

An emergency eye bath or face wash unit is designed to flush the eyes and/or face in the event of contact with dangerous fluids.  Often eye baths are integrated into body shower units but if the amount of dangerous chemicals present at site is of insufficient quantities to warrant a full shower unit, then stand-alone eye baths may be acceptable.

Our eye wash units come in 3 distinct ranges

Wall Mounted Eye ShowerFree standing eye wash with coverClassic Line

This range is our standard range of table, wall and free standing eye showers.  Made from powder coated brass, stainless steel and plastic, the range is chemically resistant and suitable for most workplace environments.

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Premium Line Double Head Eye ShowerFree standing face wash with bowlPremium Line

This range is our stainless steel range of table, wall and free standing showers. The rugged stainless steel construction gives this range additional durability and corrosion resistance.  Also this range would be a suitable choice for clean / hygienic room environments. 

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Eye Wash CabinetEye Wash Bottles and Cabinets

In addition to the the 3 main ranges of eye baths we also supply eye wash bottles and storage cabinets.  Eye wash bottles are the bare minimum requirement if very small amounts of dangerous materials are being handled.   

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