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Emergency eye baths and face wash

Eye Wash Bottle and Cabinets

As with any first aid equipment eye wash solutions in bottles need to be stored in a safe and visible place. The saline solution stored within the bottles need to be protected from contamination and damage. Eye was cabinets provide a sturdy, highly visible storage place for such bottles. It should be noted that eye wash bottles are only suitable if the risk to personnel is deemed to be low and only from very small amount of contaminants. In all other cases it is advised that full eye or body showers are provided to meet with health and safety standards. 

Plastic Eye Wash Bottle HolderPlastic Eye Wash Cabinets

A basic two bottle plastic holder suitable for wall mounting. 

Dimensions: 29cm x 23cm 8cm 

Stainless Steel Eye Wash CabinetStainless Steel Eye Wash Cabinets

A sturdy stainless steel cabinet holding two eye wash bottles. 

Dimensions: 43cm x 43cm x 23cm

Stainless Steel Eye Wash CabinetHeated Eye Wash Cabinets

A sturdy stainless steel eye wash cabinet holding two bottles. This unit is frost protected by integrated heating trace tape. The tape is thermostatically controlled to guard against over heating.

Dimensions: 43cm x 43cm x 23cm

PH Neutralising eye wash solutionPh Neturalising Eye Wash Bottles

This bottle of eye wash solution contains a sterile 4.9% phosphate buffer solution this neutralises the eye's fluid after contamination with acids or alkali. The bottle is designed to be either wall mounted in a holder or carried in a belt bag. 

Saline eye wash bottleSaline Eye Wash Bottles

These bottles of sterile eye wash solution come in two sizes, 200 ml and 500 ml.
They contain a 0.9% sodium chloride solution complete with an ergonomic eye cup, dust cap and clear instructions.