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PPE Decontamination Showers

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Decontamination showers are designed to remove contaminants from protective clothing thus eliminating the risk of contamination whilst removing the clothing.  These showers differ from safety showers in that they are primarily designed to be used as part of normal everyday procedures rather than being deigned as emergency equipment which, hopefully, never needs to be used.

The decontamination shower consists of 12 nozzles delivering directional cones of relatively fine spray.  This nozzle arrangement has been optimised to ensure maximum contact with the target ensuring a thorough clean. The droplet size from the sprays is kept small so as to improve the surface area of the fluid but is kept large enough to avoid misting, which might cause contaminated water to drift from the shower.

Water catchment

When deploying a decontamination shower consideration needs to be given to how the run-off water is dealt with.  Clearly this fluid will be contaminated and, depending on the nature of the contaminant, may need to be captured for proper disposal.  All our decon showers have the option of a catchment basin to prevent any accidental run-off whilst the decontamination process is undertaken. 

Decontamination ShowerPremium Line Decontamination Showers

Material: Stainless Steel
Water inlet: 1 1/4" female
Dimension: 2580 mm x 1100 mm x 1100 mm
Entry options: One way or Two way
Door options: Open, PVC Strips, Polycarbonate door
Other options: Water Spray Scrub Brush, Catchment Basin, Usage Alarm
                       Swivelling and Fixed Rollers

Decontamination shower      Decontamination Shower PVC Strip     Decontamination Shower Rollers      Decontamination shower with polycarbon door        Decontamination shower catchment basin
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