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The Safety Shower People

The Safety Shower People are the exclusive UK distributors for the FSP Tech's industry leading range of safety showers, eye baths and decontamination showers. The company is part of the Spray People Group which comprises of:
Bete Limited (The Spray Nozzle People) - Suppliers of spray nozzles and tank cleaning equipment to industry.

The Professional Sprayer People - Suppliers of high quality hand held and back pack spraying equipment to professionals and serious home users.

Technical Fulfilment - Providers of warehousing, pick & pack and order fulfilment services.

Business Philosophy

As with all our companies, the philosophy of The Safety Shower People is that business is primarily about people. Having great products is important but it is the interactions between human beings that makes the difference between a merely good and a great business. Without good person to person communication even really good products can be miss-sold, under sold, over sold or miss-applied. With technical products like safety showers this is even more likely to happen. 

To that end we treat each customers as having a unique set of problems for us to solve. Our view is that our customers do not come to us to buy safety showers per se, rather, they come to us to ensure they have sufficient safety shower equipment in place to ensure compliance with legal and moral requirements. It is our expertise, wrapped around a high quality product set, that our customers really buy. Often it is the human to human communication that makes the difference between compliance and non compliance, between a good, smooth sales process and a painful, annoying one and between a satisfied and a non satisfied customer. 

Yes its about the Safety Showers, but it's also about the People, hence The Safety Shower People.