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Welcome to the Safety Shower People

Safety showers and eye baths are an essential safety feature in any industrial environment where chemicals or other substances hazardous to health are used.  Whilst not mandated by law, recommendations are given in several EU and American regulatory guidelines.  Failure to follow these health and safety guidelines can leave an organisation open to litigation should injury occur.  So in reality the presence of suitable safety shower equipment is a must for any responsible business involved in the handling of dangerous materials.

Saving lives and protecting business

The Safety Shower People have a simple mission.  We are here to save lives and to protect businesses from litigation risk.  We achieve this by producing the highest quality product on the market.  We never compromise on quality, have the highest standards of QC and we will work with our customers to ensure the product supplied is built to meet their exact requirements.  Rather than simply selling a range of products we sell solutions to risk management problems.  This bespoke approach results in a superior product fit and ultimately a safer a working environment.

It's all about the details

Our general philosophy is that details are very important.  On the face of it a safety shower is a very simple device but it is absolutely critical that it works as specified when needed.  This is where attention to detail can make the difference literally between life and death.  Please read more as to how this fastidious attention to detail has resulted in a product range that will not fail you or your staff. 

Key markets for safety showers


Many manufacturing processes require the use of dangerous chemicals. Our range of industrial emergency showers are manufactured to the highest quality and can be designed to match the exact needs our customers regardless of the size of the factory, the nature of the manufacturing process or the type of end product.  

Warehousing / Logistics

We have a full range of body and eye showers suitable for deployment in warehouse, unloading bays or at dock sides. Often these showers need to be deployed in areas that have poor water supplies so tank showers are the most suitable option.

Laboratory / Research

Labs and research establishments often involve the daily handling of dangerous materials.  We have a full range of specialist showers, eye baths and decontamination systems for use in the lab environment.