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Safety Showers for the Water Industry

The use of safety showers in water utility sites is common. A variety of potentially hazardous chemicals are used in the treatment of water and so care needs to be taken to protect workers. Some potential chemical hazards used in the industry are:

Chlorine dioxide
Sodium fluoride
Ferric chloride

Industry challenges and solutions

Often the water treatment sites are in out of the way places. Somewhat ironically, given the industry, this often means that a good water supply is hard to deliver to shower units. It is certainly not feasible to deliver a tepid shower system to a plumbed in shower in many cases. However, given that the showers are likely to be situated outdoors, a tepid shower is normally required to ensure usage for the proper length of time in cold weather. For this reasons tank showers are a popular choice for water utility companies. These shower do not need to be plumbed in and an internal heater ensures both frost protection and a tepid water supply.

Given that most showers in the water industry will be exposed to the elements a tough and rugged design is a must. Our all stainless steel showers tend to fare much better over time when compared to cheaper models that use plastic casings. The tough and corrosion resistant stainless steel structure means our showers will have a lower overall cost of ownership over their life time as they need less repairs and last longer. All stainless showers are rapidly becoming the tank shower of choice for the water utility industry as they represent better value for money over time.