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Safety showers for industry

Free Standing Showers

All our free standing showers are manufactured to meet either ANSI and or EN standards. Each is able to be customised with a wide variety of optional extras including alarms, position lights, platform actuation, side panels and more. This modular design means these versatile showers can be made to meet even the most stringent of health and safety policies.

Our free standing showers come in three main product lines
The premium line is our all stainless steel shower offering unparalleled robustness and long working life.
The classic line is manufactured in a powder coated brass. This reduces cost but still results in a corrosion and chemical resistant shower.
The basic line is manufactured in hot dip galavised steel. This low cost shower still meets the required EN and ANSI standards. 

Data Sheets

 Premium Line       Classic Line        Basic Line   

Premium Line Shower

Classic Line
Classic Line Shower

Basic Line Shower

Key Feature of free standing showers

Easy to customise

A huge range of alarms, eye-shower and activation systems can be added to the base-unit. This means that our premium line shower can be customised to meet the requirements of any health and safety policy.

Integrated flow regulator

The integrated flow regulator will ensure that the correct volume of water is delivered from the shower head regardless of variation in pressure.

Meets EN and ANSI Standards

Our tank showers are build to meet and exceed both the EN15154-1 and ANSI Z358.1 standards.