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Safety showers for industry

Premium Line Free Standing Showers

Our premium range of free standing showers are a robust and versatile safety shower unit. The range has the following features.

All Stainless Design

This shower is manufactured from high quality stainless steel. Meaning that it is robust and corrosion resistant even in tough environments. The all stainless design includes pipework, bolts, valves, pull chain and all other main components. Cheaper plastics are avoided wherever possible the only notable exception being coverings for some eye wash options. 

Easy to customise

A huge range of alarms, eye-shower and activation systems can be added to the base-unit. This means that our premium line shower can be customised to meet the requirements of any health and safety policy. With decades of experience and thousands of showers deployed across the world SSP have a ranges of optional product features to fit any conceivable situation.

Integrated flow regulator

The integrated flow regulator will ensure that the correct volume of water is delivered from the shower head regardless of variation in pressure. This is an important feature as it allows compliance with the minimum flow rates specified in the EN or ANSI standards (see below) even if supply pressure varies.

Meets EN and ANSI Standards

Our tank showers are build to meet and exceed both the EN15154-1 and ANSI Z358.1 standards.  The two commonly used standards in the UK differ slightly in their recommendations on the minimum required flow rate with the EN standard having a lower required flow than the ANSI. If fitted with and ANSI compliant shower head the unit will meet both standards but, alternatively, the shower can have the lower flow rate EN standard head instead.