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Laboratory safety showers

Lab Showers and Eye Baths

The use of safety showers and eye baths in the laboratory environment has been commonplace for many years.  The very nature of lab work means that results can sometimes be unpredictable and whilst many other safety procedures and protective equipment will be used, the risk of contamination by corrosive materials and /or flammable materials is present.  In many cases the quantity of such fluids being used is sufficiently small to dispense with the need for full-body shower but in almost all situations where dangerous materials are being handled eye showers will be required.

Premium and Classic Lines

Our lab showers and eye baths are separated into two main lines of products.  The premium product line is made from polished stainless steel and is suitable for corrosive and "hard wear" environments.  Our classic range is made from powder coated brass.  The powder coating on the classic range is still chemically resistant and so is still suitable for most labs. 

Comfort Line

The comfort line range has an integrated thermostatic mixing valve allowing the shower to have a constant supply of temperature controlled water.  Having tepid water can be an important safety feature if the lab environment is cold and showering may result in hypothermic shock.