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Emergency Tank Showers

Tank showers

Tank showers have a self-contained water supply in a large stainless steel tank. The shower is gravity fed from the tank above.  This means that the shower will operate independently of a mains water supply and power supply. SSP have five different sizes of tank shower available and all can be customised with a wide variety of different add on items. This means that our tank showers can be built to meet any health and safety policy.

The size available are 2000, 1350, 1200, 800 and 350 litre capacity tanks.

Data Sheets

350 Litre 

800 Litre

800 litre shower

1200 litre

1350 Litre

2000 Litre

Why Choose Tank Showers?

Ease of deployment

As the tank showers do not need to be plumbed in they can be deployed in areas far from a water supply. This makes them ideal for use in the most distant areas of large industrial complexes, on docksides or in any other area where a mains water supply would be difficult or costly to install.


The tank shower is an intrinsically more expensive unit than a plumbed in shower.  However, the cost associated with installation is often far less. When one takes into consideration the cost of pipework and labour required to plumb in a non-tank shower, it is often the case that the tank unit works out cheaper overall.


The tank shower is a very simple device. Essentially it consists of a large tank over a shower head with a simple on/off mechanism. This simplicity means that the tank will always work when required. Disruptions to the water supply or power supply will not impede the basic operation of a tank shower unit.  It should be remembered that in the event of a disaster, such as a large explosion, water supply could be disrupted at precisely the moment a shower is needed. 

5 Tank Shower Sizes

We build tank showers in five different sizes. Each of these showers can be customised with a wide variety of add on items such as usage alarms, side panels, doors, catchment sumps and eye wash units. Which additional items are required will depend very much on a the health and safety policy being met and the nature of the hazard the shower is protecting against.