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Emergency Tank Showers

350 Litre Tank Shower

This small tank shower is a self contained unit that has a small 350 litre tank. The shower is gravity fed and so use is not reliant on any surrounding infrastructure. To meet ANSI and EN standards this tank will need to be plumed in to ensure the minimum required 15 minutes of wash time is available. For the ANSI standards a flow of 75 litres per minute is required and for the EN standard (Class 1) 40 litre per minute are required.

Despite requiring a plumbed in connect when fitted with a heating element and plumbed in this shower can provide a cost effective way to deploy a tempered shower. 

Key Product Features

All Stainless Design

The frame, tank, side panels, fittings and valves are all made from high quality, durable stainless steel. This means our showers last longer than many competitor products who use cheaper plastics. This is particularly true when they are situated outdoors and exposed to the elements.

Heavy Duty Heating Element

The heaters used in our tank showers have  along element and are of a robust design. This means that the mean time between failure is significantly higher than on other cheaper models.  

High Quality Insulation 

We use high quality polyethylene insulation as opposed to cheaper EPS. Polyethylene has one of the highest R ratings of any insulation meaning that the heating element needs to do less work, reducing running costs and improving heating element life. 

Meets EN and ANSI Standards

Our tank showers are build to meet and exceed both the EN15154-1 and ANSI Z358.1 standards.  


Why Choose Tank Showers?

Ease of deployment

As the tank showers do not need to be plumbed in they can be deployed in areas far from a water supply. This makes them ideal for use in the most distant areas of large industrial complexes, on docksides or in any other area where a mains water supply would be difficult or costly to install.


The tank shower is an intrinsically more expensive unit than a plumbed in shower.  However, the cost associated with installation is often far less. When one takes into consideration the cost of pipework and labour required to plumb in a non-tank shower, it is often the case that the tank unit works out cheaper overall.


The tank shower is a very simple device. Essentially it consists of a large tank over a shower head with a simple on/off mechanism. This simplicity means that the tank will always work when required. Disruptions to the water supply or power supply will not impede the basic operation of a tank shower unit.  It should be remembered that in the event of a disaster, such as a large explosion, water supply could be disrupted at precisely the moment a shower is needed.