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Emergency eye baths and face wash

Classic Line Eye Wash and Face Baths

The Classic Line range of emergency eye wash and face wash units comes in a variety of different styles.  All units are designed and manufactured to meet all the relevant standards including ANSI Z358.1-2004 and DIN EN151-2:2006.  The line includes both wall and ceiling fixed showers as well as free-standing units and hand- held showers.  The diversity in the Classic Line range means there is an eye shower for almost every conceivable situation.

Eye washClassic Line Hand-held Eye Showers 

Hand-held showers come with various mounting and shower head options.  They all come with 1.5 metre stainless steel hose allowing the shower head to be directed manually.  

DVGW LogoWater inlet: 1/2" female
Height: 250 mm 
Hose length: 1500 mm
Shower head options: single or double, straight or 45o 
Eye BathsMounting options: wall or table, straight or angled.

A selection of shower head and mounting options

Classic Line Single Diagonal Mount Classic Line Eye Shower Table Mounted Straight Double Headed Eye Shower Wall Mounted Diagonal   Double Headed Eye Shower Wall Mounted   Double Headed Table Mounted Straight Eye Shower  Double Headed Eye Shower Table Mounted Angled
Single, Straight     Single, Straight     Double, Straight            Double,Angled      Double, Straight           Double, Straight
Wall mounted       Table Mounted      Wall Mounted (angle)    Wall Mounted       Table Mounted        Table Mounted (angled)

Fixed Double Headed Eye Shower FixedClassic Line Fixed Eye Showers 

Fixed eye showers can be wall or table mounted and have the option of adding a catchment bowl.

Water inlet: 1/2" femaleDVGW Logo  Height (for table mounted): 180 mm 
Projection (for wall mounted): 280 - 330 mm (depending on options)
Total width (including lever):  240 - 425 mm (depending on options)
Eye Baths

A selection of mounting options

Eye Shower Wall MountedEye Shower Wall Mounted Exposed Pipe-workFixed Eye Shower Wall Mounted With Bowl
    ​Table mounted                       Wall Mounted                        Wall Mounted (exposed pipe)      Table Mounted with bowl

Free Standing Classic Line Eye ShowerClassic Line Free Standing Eye Showers 

These free standing showers can be positioned anywhere a water supply can be delivered. They have the option of a foot lever activation.

DVGW LogoWater inlet: 1 1/4" female
Water outlet: 1 1/4" male
Total width including lever: 425 mm
Total Height: 1160 mm

Eye Baths