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Lab shower product selection

Determine the nature of the risk

The first step in any shower selection process is to determine what dangers workers may be exposed to. In a lab this is often harder to determine than in an industrial setting as the nature of the work is not consistent. When addressing the risk then the worst case scenario should be considered. The question to be asked is "what is the very worst danger a worker in this lab could be exposed to?". The provision of safety showers should be made to meet the risk posed by this worst case scenario. Normally this means that full body showers will be required.

Ensure the showers meet the regulatory standards

The next step is to ensure that the necessary quality and performance standards are met by the showers being proposed. In the UK labs will either follow the EN15154 European standards or the ANSIZ358 American standards. Both standards are acceptable to use for UK labs.

Our lab showers have all been designed to meet the EN15154.1 and or ANSI Z358.1 standards. Typically lab showers will be permanently plumbed into a water supply and will be either wall or ceiling mounted. A variety of different configurations of shower are produced to fit with almost any conceivable room layout. 

Look at the lab layout

Hopefully showers are rarely or never used. When they do need to be used the space beneath them needs to be clear from clutter and easily accessible by the injured member of staff. The position of the shower thus needs to be carefully planned to ensure easy, unrestricted access from all areas of the lab. 

This means that showers may need to be wall mounted, ceiling mounted or mounted over doors. The shower may also need to be mounted in buildings with recess ceilings. Our range of lab showers includes options for:
- Ceiling mounting
- Over door mounting
- Recess ceiling mounting
- Exposed or unexposed pipework

Determine which material

Our lab showers come in two main ranges. The ClassicLine showers are made from brass with a chemical resistant powder coating. Our Premium range is made from high quality stainless steel. For most lab environments the ClassicLine is sufficient but for sterile labs, food processing labs or other clean environments the PremiumLine offers a more hygienic material.

Add on features

Our basic showers can be fitted with a variety of add on features including

-Integrated eye baths in a variety of styles.
-Thermostatic mixing values to ensure the correct temperature of tepid water
-Frost protected, self draining showers for cold labs.
Electronic push button operation showers